Tire mold EDM series


Features of CNC Control:

  1. The control employs INTEL PENTIUM industrial grade master board.
  2. 15 TFT LCD monitor.
  3. Conversational operation interface.
  4. Automatic table type editing for 10-step machining programs creation.
  5. Tungsten steel, extra hard and special material eroding circuit.
  6. Graphite machining circuit is ideal for machining bronze and graphite.
  7. MPG handwheel for micrometric positioning adjustment.(Optional)
  8. Unlimited machining programs fully meet flexible machining requirements such as various angles and patterns of tire molds.
  9. Relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and constant indexing function make the machine suitable for machining any tire mold.
  10. Random home position function. Machining home position can be set as desired.
  11. Specially designed protection function to prevent electrode from bumping against the mold.
  12. Indexing accuracy 0.001.
    13.Allows for inconsistent indexing machining.

Modularized Controller Design

Better stability and easy for service.

FPGA pulse control circuit

The circuit of full digital discharge pulse controls adopts FPGA to achieve high efficiency pulse management. It increases the spark efficiency and reduce ARC.