Tire mold EDM series > CJ-580T
Specification for machine unit:
X-axis turning angle degree 0-90
Table travel (X1-axis) mm 70
Table travel (Y-axis) mm 480
Table travel (Z-axis) mm 180
Quill travel (Z1-axis) mm 890
Worktable dimension mm 1300
C-axis angle degree 360
W-axis(Z-axis F/B) revolving angle degree Front 30/Back 30
W1-axis(Z-axis L/R) revolving angle Left 30/Right 30
X-axis resolution mm 0.05
Y-axis resolution mm 0.001
Z-axis resolution mm 0.001
C-axis resolution degree 0.001
Control type (C-axis) Semi-loop
Max. Electrode weight kg 40
Max. workpiece weight kg 800
Max. workpiece diameter mm 1200
Max. workpiece thickness mm 470( with jigs)
Work tank inner dimensions (WxDxH) mm 1264x764x427
Oil tank dimensions (WxDxH) mm 2450x800x440
Max.Capacity of dielectric fluid liter 800
Machine unit weight( including indexing table) kg 4500