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Main Unit Features:

1.The structural parts are designed and analyzed by applying the advanced Finite Element Analysis(FEA).
2.Precision linear ways on all axis assures smooth movement and high accuracy.
3.All structural casting are made of FC-30 cast iron, tempered and stress relieved for deformation free performance.
4.High precision spindle assembly insures excellent eroding performance.
5.Table surface is hardened and precision ground, assuring high machining accuracy and long service life.
6.Three axes movements are transmitted by precision ball screws.
7.Three axes are driven by DC servo motor.
8.Three axes are equipped with 1 linear scale for closed loop control.
9.Each machine is compensated by laser interferometer, ensuring position reliability and increasing machine efficiency.

RAM Type Machine Structure

C Type Machine Structure

Laser interferometer inspection

  Laser interferometer inspection-1

Axis travel accuracy inspection: