Box way series
Unit Features of Box way series:

1.Increase width on the column bottom, combined with box type structure, greatly upgrades rigidity and stability during machining.
2.Box slide ways on the 3 axes are high frequency hardened .Way surfaces are coated with Turcite-B and precision scraped.
3.Extra wide slide ways and distance between slide ways eliminate sticking problems at low speed travel while ensuring high stability.
4.The major structures are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron with scientific rib reinforcement. This reduces structural deformation to a minimum.

The structural parts are analyzed and designed by the advanced Finite Element Analysis.

Choice of various high speed spindleá
Belt Drive Spindle
Choice 8000,10000,12000RPM.Spindle taper BT-40

Direct Drive Spindle
Choice 10000,12000,15000RPM. Spindle taper BT-40

Carousel type magazine
The carousel type magazine is standard equipment. It carries 16 tools for various types of machining applications.Fixed type tool selection for quick tool changing that reduces non-cutting time.

Arm type magazine(Optional)
The magazine is driven by a precision cam for rapid and stable tool change motion. Tool loading capacity provides 20 or 24 tools to choose from. Bi-directional random tool selection provides quick tool changing that reduces non-cutting time.

Directly coupled servomotors:
The three axes ball screws are directly coupled to servos through backlash-free couplings. This ensures dependable positioning accuracy. High precision class C3 ball screws are preloaded to eliminate thermal strain.

Coolant flushing device(Optional):
Three coolant nozzles are provided on both sides of the tableá featuring high pressure flushing to remove chips from the table.

4th CNC rotary table(Optional)
The 4th CNC rotary table features high positioning accuracy and maximumástability during cutting. It is ideal for various types of workpiece machining.

Spindle splash ring (Optional):
The spindle splash ring is available only for models with arm-type magazine. The device not only effectively removes chips on work piece but also increases work piece cooling efficiency.

Ball bar test:
Through ball bar testing the circularity, geometry error and backlash can be accurately obtained allowing the machine to be adjusted to the best possible accuracy.

Unit Structure of Box Way Series:

Laser inspection:
An advanced laser instrument is employed for inspecting and compensating linear accuracy and pitch error. This ensures optimum axis travel accuracy.

Heat exchanger for controller cabinet:
To maintain a constant temperature inside the control cabinet, the machine is equipped with a heat exchanger. It provides effective protection for the controller and electronic components. The high performance heat exchanger features high efficiency heat exchange and power saving.

Spindle oil cooler:
It prevents spindle thermal deformation due to oil temperature variation while ensuring high machining accuracy, especially at high spindle speeds.

Inspection Procedures:
1. Geometric Accuracy Inspection.
2. Spindle Balancing Adjustment.
3. Full running test 24 hours before delivery.
4. Practical work piece machining test.
5.Water tank leakage test.
6. Machine functional test